AceShells ShellServ FAQ

How do i get a free shell with you?

You need to register on ShellServ at channel #forest to get your freeshell account /msg ShellServ help register for details on registering. Once you have registered and confirmed your email address your login details will be emailed to you for the ShellServ Control Panel.

How does this system work?
Every five min's the system checks your current level on ShellServ if you have just qualified to a higher Level a new feature will be added to your account.

What are the levels?
When your accounts level reaches to one of our set points a new feature is added below is summary.
Level 1, You are newbie fighter no shell access
Level 3, You get your shell with SSH access.
Level 5, Gets eggdrop installed on your shell.
Level 7, Adds 10 days to your shell process expiry.
Level 9, Upgrades disk space from 5MB to 10MB
Level 11, Gets psybnc installed on your shell.
Level 12, Adds 15 days to your shell process expiry.

How do i use ShellServ?
You can find the full commands on ShellServ by typing /msg ShellServ help or /msg ShellServ help command for detailed help on
each command.

Do i need to login ShellServ once i have created my account and got my FreeShell?
Yes, All unused accounts at Level 1 will be deleted after 14 days of inactivity and all unused account over Level 1 will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity so to keep your account active you need to login it atleast every two weeks.

When does the game/players get refreshed?

Everything is refreshed every 12 hours to find out when the next refresh is type /msg ShellServ check

What if my process expiry date hits 0?
You don't have an expiry date on your account instead we have a process expiry date this means when your process expiry is expired you can only run IRC clients from the shell and access your web site. All installed software such as eggdrop and psybnc are removed as well as your process limits and disk space is set back to default. Your web site will remain fully active. You are able to regain new expiry dates and your software again after it has expired!

Why is my process expiry date in - days?

After the expiry hits 0 days it will go in to - days, once you get to -5 days your access to SSH is removed if this has happened you need higher level.

Can i use telnet?

No, we only run SSH on all our servers.

How do i change my shell password?

Type passwd in the shell.

Can i create another account after mine has expired?

Not right away no, the system will still have you as having an account if you try to create another account it will ban you from the creation are still able to regain your software and expiry dates by getting more visitors to your site

Can i run anything else with my eggdrop?

No, you have one background process with your free shell. with this you can run either an eggdrop or muh but you can not run both at the same time. users found running over quota will have there accounts terminated.

Why does my bot keep getting killed?

We run a script too stop users from launching more than one process and it also checks for High CPU and MEM usage we allow 2% for MEM and CPU for each user if your eggdrop or muh goes over this the script will kill it and log it. same with users trying to run more than one process it will kill any excess process's and will also log it, click here to view this log. users found to be repeatedly try to run more than one process will be removed from the system

Can i see how much MEM or CPU my eggdrop or muh is using?
Yes, issue the command top when you are logged into your shell this will show you what's running and how much its using. we allow 2% for MEM and 2% CPU usage. if you have allot of tcl's this will use more MEM and or CPU.

Can i run psyBNC?

Yes, you can run psyBNC on free shells see the the FAQ on Levels for more info on getting psyBNC

Can i run an IRCd and services?
We don't allow IRCd's or Services of any kind to be ran from our free shell servers. Although we do paid packages that allow you to do so check out our IRCd Shells.

Can i run Shout cast
No, we do not allow shout cast servers to be ran from our free shell service.

Can i use crontab to restart my bot?
No, we no longer run cron on our free shell servers.

Why cant i use wget, lynx, ftp, ssh out from the shell?

We do not allow these commands to be used on our free shell service.

Why cant i FTP to my free shell?
We had to remove FTP access with our free shells due to the abuse. you can install pre compiled eggdrop and muh is now installed globally on the free shell box. type software in the shell for a list

Can i run exploits?
No, we do not allow any exploits to be ran or stored on ANY of our servers. users found running, storing them will lose there account and authorities notified.

I like my free shell can i upgrade to paid services?

Yes you can upgrade to any of our Shell Packages at any time, you also get to keep your free shell with us. without the expiry! prices are Cheap! start from just £2 GBP a month, that's $3 USD a month!

Can i have more than one free shell?
No, we only allow one account per user. if multiple accounts are found to be used they will be removed and the users banned from using the free shell user creation system

I want to donate something

If you have something you would like to donate email us with more information on the donation you would like to make.